New Twin Cities Depression Clinic for Treatment-Resistant Depression

Advanced Brain + Body Clinic Ketamine TMS (AB+BC) is a Twin Cities depression clinic that specializes in treating patients who have not found relief using antidepressants.

The new interventional psychiatric clinic opening in Minneapolis, MN was developed by psychiatrists Stephen Manlove, M.D. and Brian Johns, M.D., AB+BC focuses on patients with treatment resistant depression and PTSD. Using innovative FDA-approved treatments, including ketamine and TMS, and incorporating body and brain wellness, AB+BC offers new hope for patients suffering from depression that does not respond to antidepressant medications.

The Need for a Twin Cities Depression Clinic

One in ten Americans suffers from depression, and COVID restrictions have made this situation even worse. Depression is a disease with a variety of causes. Antidepressant medications address many of the causes, but not all of them. In fact, 30% of depression sufferers do not find relief using antidepressant medications.

AB+BC concentrates on patients battling this “treatment resistant” depression. Dr. Manlove has found that 70% of patients with treatment resistant depression report an excellent response to two innovative therapies: ketamine and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS.)

Drs. Manlove and Johns use genetic testing and laboratory blood analysis to tailor each patient’s treatment regimen. Their goal is to maximize overall brain and body health. Research indicates that brains work like bodies: healthy brains are more resistant to brain diseases like depression and anxiety in the same way that healthy bodies are more resistant to infections and disease.

“Patients suffering from depression or PTSD, who are not getting relief from drug after drug, require a full-court press approach to get them out of danger and on to improving their health. When we address and improve overall body and brain health, the brain is more responsive to treatment,” said Dr. Manlove. “We think that’s why our patients see such remarkable improvement.”

Ketamine works differently than other antidepressants, allowing it to act rapidly to reduce suicidal thoughts. Used for depression, anxiety, and PTSD, ketamine is administered under medical supervision either through intravenous infusion or intranasal spray.

Ketamine Therapy for Depression

Dr. Johns has successfully used ketamine therapy to treat patients with depression and anxiety for seven years. Ketamine was recently approved by the FDA to address suicidal thoughts. AB+BC will be one of the few clinics in the Twin Cities offering ketamine therapy. Intranasal ketamine treatment is covered by most insurances.

“Our approach is to provide patient-centered care by getting a deep understanding of the patient’s medical history and personal preferences to develop a plan to achieve and maintain optimal brain health,” said Dr. Johns.

The TMS Alternative for Antidepressants

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) has been an FDA-approved in-office procedure for depression since 2008. Using pulsed magnetic fields (similar to an MRI) TMS repairs parts of the brain involved in mood regulation.

Because it does not use drugs, TMS is an especially good treatment option for depression and anxiety sufferers who are pregnant or breast-feeding, concerned about drug interactions, have failed four or more antidepressants, or wish to avoid taking medications. Most insurances cover TMS after the patient has tried four antidepressants without relief.

Dr. Manlove has been using ketamine therapy, Spravato, and TMS in his South Dakota clinic for five years. Most patients report a significant response in as little as six weeks; 40% say their depression is in complete remission.

Dr. Stephen Manlove is board-certified in psychiatry and internal medicine. A graduate of the University of Minnesota Medical School, he has 30 years’ experience in general psychiatric practice in both inpatient and outpatient settings in Rapid City, SD.

Dr. Brian Johns is a 2009 graduate of the University of Minnesota Medical School. He is board-certified in psychiatry and has practiced psychiatry for seven years in the Twin Cities.

Using innovative treatment options, Advanced Brain + Body Clinic Ketamine TMS offers new hope for treatment resistant depression in the Twin Cities.

The new Twin Cities depression clinic, Advanced Brain + Body Clinic Ketamine TMS, is located at 701 Decatur Ave N Unit 109, Golden Valley, MN 55427. Virtual appointments can be scheduled today by calling 612-682-4912 or emailing