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Currently Accepting New Patients

We believe that we can help each new patient get their life back when they are given enough time and the right resources to manage their psychiatric symptoms. Each person’s mental health is affected by a wide variety of internal and external factors that can greatly affect how they respond to certain depression treatments. Starting with your first visit, we will take an in-depth look at your medical history, overall health, and more to put together a personalized treatment plan to help you start feeling your best. 

PLEASE NOTE: for the health and safety of your fellow patients and our staff, SERVICE ANIMALS ONLY.

Prior to your first appointment:

  1. Insurance Coverage: Please call your insurance provider to verify outpatient mental health benefits and that Advanced Brain + Body Clinic is in-network.
  2. New Patient Forms: Our team will email you the new patient forms prior to your visit. Please carefully review all documents, and sign and date where required. Once your paperwork has been received, our team will schedule your first intake appointment.

Here’s what to expect during your first intake appointment:

  1. Arrival: Please bring your insurance cards and arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment. Note: If the patient is a Minor or Under Legal Guardianship, a parent or guardian must accompany the patient to this initial appointment. If the patient is under Legal Guardianship a copy of the Court’s Guardianship Order must be provided.
  2. Medical Overview: One of our Doctors or Nurse Practitioners will meet with you to discuss your current and past psychiatric symptoms, medical history, current medications you are taking, as well as get an understanding of which antidepressant medications and treatments you have tried in the past.
  3. Lifestyle Overview: Next, our clinician will assess your overall health. They will get an understanding of your diet, activity level, and major stressors.
  4. Laboratory Testing: Depending on how many treatments you have already tried, your clinician may take blood samples to complete genetic testing and a detailed laboratory workup. Through this process, we may identify metabolic factors, inflammatory markers, hormonal abnormalities, vitamin deficiencies, or abnormal mineral levels which make the brain less likely to work well or less likely to respond to treatment. They will also order genetic testing.
  5. Treatment Options: Your provider will discuss possible treatment options with you.
  6. Follow-up: Our front desk staff will schedule a follow-up appointment.

Following your first appointment, your provider will review the results.

At your second appointment, your clinician will review the labs and genetic testing. They will discuss your treatment options and refine the treatment plan based on the results of your testing, medical history, insurance coverage, and personal preferences.

Medical Marijuana:

We currently do not prescribe medicinal marijuana for patients, but if this is part of your current treatment plan with your primary physician we ask you to disclose this information with your AB+BC provider during your appointment as part of your full medical history.

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Advanced Brain + Body Clinic works with your insurance provider to help with esketamine and TMS therapy costs.

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